Taylor McGregor

A MamaMOVEment was created out a desire I had once a became a mother. My whole life I have been active, and worked in the fitness industry in some capacity. Though I understood what I needed to do in order to be "fit" I lacked a sense of drive or self worth to really pursue the best version of myself. Then, I had Noah and my whole world changed. I like to say I had my, Ah-ha moment! I realized that in order for me to best take care of my son, I had to first take care of myself. Sounds selfish, I know. But really all my mamas reading this know that if we just make a little bit of time for ourselves to fill our tank, we are such better mamas! So I finally found a fitness routine I enjoyed, started training to become a Pilates instructor and worked on making healthier eating habits, not just for me but for my family. Out of this new found value in myself, I concluded that there must be other mamas out there like me. 


A mamMOVEment was born. A space where moms just like you and me can come and get encouragement, advice, a quick workout and most importantly a sense of community. It is here where I hope you will find value in yourself and the amazing work you are doing raising tiny humans.


You are doing a great job, mama. 


Love, Taylor


Natalie Greenberg


I once had a conversation with a dear friend shortly after having my oldest son Maddox where I told her I had lost touch with who I was.  Fitting in with my old friends was not the same; I couldn’t possibly keep up with the nightlife with a baby at home waking up as soon as the sun lit the sky.  Yet, I couldn’t find a “mom group” I clicked with either. Fast-forward a few years and lots of failed attempts at different ventures, it’s safe to say fitness, the one thing that has always been a constant for me, led me home.  Literally, brought me out of my funk and to a place (my gym) that I consider my second home, full of people (Taylor being one of them!) who rally around each other and build one another up. 


A little more about me: I’m a 30-something wife and mom of two little boys. I am still and always will be an athlete. I am a Level 1 certified CrossFit coach. I teach, I sweat and I enjoy floating around in a pool on a warm summers day with an ice cold drink in my hand.  A MamaMOVEment represents our journey as mothers and women who stand together with the common goal of raising good humans and living our life the BEST way we know how.  Building one another up as strong motivated women ready to show the world what we’re made of.  Join us on this journey and welcome to the tribe.


Love Lots,


"A mother who radiates self-love and self-acceptance actually vaccinates her daughter against low self esteem"

Naomi Wolf

Orange County, CA, USA


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